The installed production capacity is 5,000 cardboard boxes per day.

The production capacity will vary with the type of box or packaging produced. If you produce a box of material, size and shape average production capacity is about 20,000 pieces a day. These figures are based on a production line for eight hours.

Standarized, certified and qualified staff to makee your box.


Constant training of the staff.

What is the Mullen test?

What is Edge Crush Test (ECT)?

What are my options of material for my box?

Through continuous improvement and optimization of our quality management system and continuous training of the staff, we give the customer total satisfaction of their needs in specifications, development, functionality and service of all the products manufactured with us, doesnt matter if its a cardboard box or a cardbaord package, you can be sure that was made by professionals.

The Mullen Test was developed in the early twentieth century to measure the strength of the box against puncture or bursting. Now this test is obsolete, since ECT meets better the requirements of modern producers, for a lower cost.
Evidence developed in 1887 by J.W. Mullen to measure the resistance to puncture or bursting of a corrugated container and is expressed in pounds per linear inch or the equivalent in kilograms.

Today, the key element of a resistance box is stowed. ECT Test (Edge Crush Test) measures such resistance and assures you that your box will fulfill its purpose of protecting what is selling and sell what is protected. We guarantee corrugated boxes to the specifications of ECT or Mullen.
Measures the maximum compressive strength parallel to the flutes, a sample board can withstand before failure. This test is used to determine the resistance of a corrugated container stevedoring and is expressed in pounds per linear inch.

We use virgin paper imported from the United States and the rest of world, also, national and recycled paper in our production of corrugated boxes. You can choose from Kraft paper or white, various flutes, simple face, double-corrugated, and so on. So with so many choices in your hands, you can control costs and have the box you want.

Our facilities

The facilities of our two locations have specialized machinery, trained personnel and internal and external logistics able to meet the needs that you and your company may have. When you work with us, you can be sure that your goods are well protected within any of our boxes.

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