Cardboard boxes, products and services.

We produce and manufacture cardboard boxes of all kind, industrial packaging (cardboard packaging), of manual or automatic assembly, printed and in a variety of calibers.

We count with a big variety of products and services to adjust to the needs of our customers.
We elaborate delivery projects like Kan Ban, Just in time, daily ,weeky and monthly supplies or as you may require it.

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  • Cardboard boxes and cardboard packaging of special manufacturing and printed at 1, 2 or 3 inks.
  • Cardboad gift boxes (corrugated, sulphated, micro-corrugated)and jewelry boxes (wide variety of sizes and qualities).
  • Cardboard separators, armed divisions, cardboard sheet, cardboard corners.
  • GAYLORD Box, punched boxes, pizza boxes(all sizes).
  • Dead file Boxes (Legal size file boxes, letter and file counter).
  • Corrugated and microcorrugated cardboard rolls for packaging and construction.
  • Cardboard strips, sulphated cardboard(Sulphated cardboard boxes).
  • Cardboard bases for cakes and cardboard divisions.
  • Corrugated cardboard sheet (single) 217 x 250 ECT 26
  • Corrugated cardboard sheet (double) 217 x 250 ECT 46
  • Packaging film.
  • Plastic bubble wrap.
  • Whole sale and retail.


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  • Corrugated cardboard, Kraft and white.
  • Corrugated cardboard (single).
  • Corrugated cardboard (double).
  • Cardboard in all calibers in Single Face.
  • Paper (instructives and labels).
  • Cardboard laminated until 47 points.
  • Corrugated plastic (Corruplas)waterproof, greaseproof, sun resistant, chemical resistant.
  • Caple cardboard (available on request).


Resistances in the manufacture of cardboard boxes
Simple corrugated, flute B & C, Kraft and single white
Double corrugated, flute B & C Kraft and white


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  • Advice on the use of raw materials and consulting in the image.
  • Tests to determine their adhesion.
  • Design made in bases of the use of the product.
  • Simple corrugated, double or even in other papers.
  • Print of logos and bar codes.
  • Single adhesive, stapled, automatic assembly.
  • High resistance packaging for transporting.
  • Moisture coating for cardboard.


Food Boxes

Boxes for packaging

Garment boxes

Other uses

Pizza boxes Boxes for delivery Cardboard boxes for shoes Cardboard boxes for cellphones
Meat boxes Gaylord boxes Cardboard boxes for jewelry Cardboard boxes for home appliances
Cardboard boxes for cakes Boxes for moving Hat boxes Cardboard boxes for toys
Cardboard boxes for beer Cardboard boxes for storage Cardboard boxes pillow type
Cardboard boxes for candy Book boxes Boxes for envelopes
Cardboard boxes for bakery File boxes Cardboard boxes for live animals
Cardboard boxes for groceries Cardboard boxes with color ink printing
Cardboard boxes for fruits and vegetables Cardboard gift boxes
Cardboard boxes for wine and liquor Exhibition boxes
Cardboard boxes lunch box type Tiny cardboard boxes
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